“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain.


Here are some great good night sleep pointers that I thought we could all use.

Many can relate to the struggle of getting a good night’s sleep.

The lack of sleep could be from anxiety brought on by the news to the stress of our everyday lives, it can be hard to shut off our minds and unwind before bed.

The lack of sleep is bad for your productivity and mental health. We are all going through tough times, so let’s try to make ourselves feel better with some great sleep hacks.

  • Cut caffeine after 2:00 p.m.: We’ve all been there when that 2-4pm slump hits; Try this instead, try grabbing a healthy snack or go for a walk outside.  Another cup of coffee at this time will only affect your ability to sleep later.
  • Before bedtime, try to Create a to-do list for the following day. This will help ease your mind of the impending doom of the never-ending task list which can make it harder to fall asleep.  This will allow your mind to let go of these thoughts and you’ll start to feel yourself relax.
  • Put away technology and rest! It’s never a good idea to stare at your phone or laptop right before bed. Studies show that blue light keeps us up, and causes overstimulation, keeping us awake.
  • Try relaxation techniques: Maybe m Try laying on your your back with your hands at your sides. Take a deep breath and begin to tense each muscle for ten seconds and then release. Start with your forehead and work your way down.
  • Listen to a soothing podcast or Reading a book: Meditation guides, and calming bedtime stories are a great way to wind down and quiet your mind after a long day.  Be consistent with your sleep schedule: Try going to bed and wake up at the same time every day.
  • Work out in the morning. All in all, the best time to work out is whenever you can! Studies have shown that regular exercise helps regulate your circadian rhythm and promotes a healthy sleep. Working out in the morning before you begin your day will lead to a more active day and will allow you to sleep more soundly at night.  Note: Some fitness professionals recommend working out first thing in the morning because that is when you’re least likely to have scheduling conflicts and therefore more likely to exercise regularly. (which I completely agree with) Plus, early exercisers often say that a morning routine leaves them feeling more energized and productive throughout the day. However, do what fits into your day!  What works for some doesn’t necessarily work for others
  • Create a relaxing bedtime routine
  • Get excited about your morning: Maybe it is try a new coffee shop or a new coffee blend or that new work outfit you’ve been dying to wear or maybe even your new workout outfit or sneakers that you will use first thing in the morning.
  • Use blue-blocking glasses: If you must work late at night, use blue-blocking glasses. These glasses will block out any harmful blue light that could be negatively impacting your sleep.

Let us know your thoughts, and what works for you.

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”

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